Want to share ideas with your colleagues about teaching remotely? CLT has launched a website to help you do that: The Online Faculty Learning Community.

This platform provides a space for faculty to:

  1. Help each other by sharing resources, tips, and lessons learned from their recent transition to remote teaching
  2. Ask questions and seek guidance from peers
  3. Identify solutions to common problems as they arise, and learn about what pitfalls to avoid
  4. Share their reflections, concerns and, perhaps, trepidations

CLT invites all faculty to think critically about this transition and to discuss the effectiveness of remote teaching and learning practices from the perspective of their discipline and beyond. While some of what worked or did not work may be unique to their discipline, course level, and class size, most of the challenges met apply across disciplines.

To jump-start the discussion, CLT is suggesting the following topics:

  1. Updating your syllabus: how do you communicate your course changes, clarify your expectations, and welcome your students?
  2. Organizing your course content: how do you make your course’s organizational structure clear, consistent, and intuitive? How do you chunk and release your content?
  3. Recording your course lectures: what is the best way to share your lectures and reengage your students with your course content ?
  4. Engaging your students: how do you foster a sense of belonging, while keeping students motivated and engaged?
  5. Interacting with your students: how do you maintain a connection with your students by offering multiple opportunities for student-instructor and student-student interaction and providing timely feedback?
  6. Managing large classrooms: what are some of the logistical challenges associated with large classes, and how do we overcome them?
  7. Conducting online labs: what are some of the alternatives available online for courses with labs?

Other ideas will emerge as we discuss these topics, share knowledge, and report challenges that faculty have faced and surmounted.